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Chef Karen's philosophy about food and lifestyle, is based upon first hand experience and experimentation with many cultural dietary trends, and the life transforming Human Design System, or Science of Differentiation.

"Fortunately, when I wanted to improve my own health and sense of well-being, I was introduced to one vital historical study and a new science. In Culinary School I studied the worldwide research of Dr. Weston A. Price (, and Dr. Francis M. Pottenger (, the study of indigenous cultures which were virtually untouched, or tainted, by the so-called "Foods of Commerce." Soon after that, I was introduced to the incredibly precise and far reaching Human Design System: The Science of Differentiation. Ironically, they worked in tandem to lead me to correct eating choices based upon my energy and body type. My health, as well as my mental clarity, improved within a few weeks. I had been on a mostly cold, raw, vegetarian diet, which is absolutely correct for some people, but due to my suffering from aches and pains and brain fog, was not particularly suited for me.

I learned that throughout the entire matter what temperature or climate I am in...I need to ingest above body temperature, warming and hotter foods and liquids: warming spices and herbs, chili peppers, ginger, "Bone Broths and Soups," Hot Oatmeal, "Kitchardi," (an Ayurvedic healing and detoxing porridge). As well, I began eating only a moderate amount of animal protein and saturated fat and a wider variety of vegetables and low sugar fruits,  more polyunsaturated and mono-unsaturated fats: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil, Cod Liver Oil and Ghee (Cultured Clarified Butter...pure Butter Oil), etc. 

I continue to learn from the Human Design System, how specifically our overall individual needs are. For example, some  people may need just the opposite eating strategy : all cold...possibly raw foods and liquids... below body temperature, as well as a stricter vegan or vegetarian diet. Our highly specific DNA characteristics come into play when selecting the best ways for us to ingest our nutrients and gain better mental clarity:  touch, sight, smell, taste, the time of day we eat, the look of food, as well as the environment we are in, and whether we are eating with other people...all play into of our newer, evolving nutritional requirements. Learning about your Human Design, some say, is like receiving the "Personalized Operating Manual" that they didn't receive at birth!

Human Design is about transforming your life by making decisions as yourself, and it is not about the Mind. It is about your Energy Type that reveals the mechanical Strategy and Authority derived not from your mind and its deep openness to conditioning but from your body, your vehicle, your Biological Design consciousness."
It's about Awakening to who were born to be - gifts vulnerabilities and all - then discovering how you were born to optimally operate and Loving Yourself as you are, without changing. 


Chef Karen W. Spirer
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