Chef Karen W. Spirer
Culinary, Art and Design, Human Design Courses/Workshops

"Let Food Be Thy Medicine"

~ Classes, Lectures, Hands-on & Demos, Cooked and Raw Food Prep and Techniques,
*Parties for two or more...all available

Where: Schools/Colleges,

Workplaces, Homes, Corporations/Organizations, Places of Worship, etc.
(Individuals or groups of All ages)

Beautiful Classic and Bountiful Nouvelle World Cuisines,
Comfort Food, Holistic Home Cooking
Classes for all ages scheduled and by Request

Proteins (Fish/Beef/Poultry, Vegetables, Soups/Broths,Vegetable and Fruit Salads and Dressings, Whole Grains, Gluten Free, Breads/Pastries/Biscotti,
 Canning and Preserving, Fermenting, Sprouting, 
Kimchi and Sauerkraut, Chutneys, Beet Kvass,
~ Dairy-Free Kefir Soda, Kombucha Teas, Elixirs and Healthy Tonics

Chocolate/Cacao" A Miracle Antioxidant, Healthy Food and luscious Snacks
~Herb Gardens!
~ Make your own Raw Health Bars...from scratch!  
*PLUS: Learn how to Prepare your own Green and Fresh Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

A Variety of Creative and Fun Art Workshops and Classes,
Drawing, painting, multimedia, sculpture, recycle and found object,
 collages and assembles
~ Reuse/Up cycle your "Stuff," Clothes, Plastics, Glass, etc.
Inquire about singular or group classes:

"Living Your Design" Course/Workshop
Human Design is a synthesis of modern day and ancient wisdom, traditional and sciences

Human Design is a precise and logical Science of Differentiation,
that introduces you to your Unique DNA Blueprint and
Personality/Passenger Consciousness
, your entire
Physical Health System, Strengths and Limitations, and how to use
ALL of this information to make correct decisions in your life, and that transforms it!

Call for more info and schedule: (914) 310-2949
Karen Spirer:

Karen W. Spirer
(914) 310-2924

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